Smiles and Fun for everyone

With our contact entertainment offer, we’re ready to give you smiles and moments of pure fun.

Our team of expert entertainers will organise play, sporting, recreational and informative activities, suitable for all ages and different interests.

From beach games to sports competitions, from creative activities to educational workshops, there’ll always be something exciting to do and discover. The mini club will involve the little ones in an energetic and engaging way, creating a lively and stimulating atmosphere. Come and enjoy our entertainment and let yourself be captivated by the fun.

Entertainment for everyone

The entertainment is designed to offer a unique and engaging experience during your holiday. Our team of expert and passionate entertainers is committed to creating a programme of varied and engaging activities specifically designed for different age groups. 

A mini club will entertain the little ones with games and baby dance in the evening. The older ones can start the day on the beach with muscle toning, continuing with a water aerobics lesson or dance lessons in the afternoon. From playful and creative activities to team games, from art workshops to sports competitions, children and teenagers will have the opportunity to socialise, make new friends and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

Evening entertainment

Evening entertainment is a magical and captivating moment for all our guests. The evenings are characterised by exciting and fun shows, designed to entertain and involve people of all ages.

Our team of talented entertainers performs live music, cabaret, theatre and dance, offering moments of pure leisure and entertainment. We also organise theme evenings with costume parties, karaoke and interactive games which actively involve guests, group dances, sumoball, evenings on the beach with stargazers to discover planets and constellations, evenings of food and wine performances.