Bar Restaurant Pizzeria

Atmosphere and flavour with sea view

The Restaurant Bar Pizzeria of Camping Golfo dell’Asinara is the ideal place to satisfy every culinary desire during your stay.

Offering a combination of authentic flavours, a welcoming atmosphere, and impeccable service, we are ready to delight your senses with a wide selection of delicious dishes.

From the moment you set foot in our restaurant, you are welcomed to an inviting environment with friendly staff who will take care of all your needs. You can enjoy local and seafood specialities at our sea-view restaurant, enjoying spectacular views while delighting in dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

Whether you want an Italian breakfast, a refined lunch, an aperitif at sunset, or a romantic dinner, our Restaurant Bar Pizzeria guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience during your holiday at Camping Golfo dell’Asinara.

The Bar

Start the day with a sweet awakening thanks to a delicious Italian breakfast array of fresh, genuine delicacies. For an even more memorable experience you can enjoy aperitifs at sunset: admire the evocative colours of the sky while savouring cocktails, refreshing drinks, and delicious appetizers.

The Restaurant

Our restaurant with sea view offers unforgettable scenery during sunset over Asinara Island. Here you can delight your palate with our seafood specialities and local dishes, prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a complete culinary experience by choosing half board, which includes an Italian breakfast and a complete meal of your choice, with first course, second course, side dish and a litre of water included. 

The Pizzeria

Offering authentic, delicious fare, our Pizzeria is a paradise for those who love pizza. Our pizzas are baked in a wood oven, guaranteeing perfect texture and irresistible flavour. You can enjoy your favourite pizza together with friends and family under our welcoming wooden pagodas which offer a convivial, pleasant atmosphere. Alternatively, we also offer the possibility of take away, so you can enjoy our pizza wherever you want.